Saravel Refrigerant Pipe Sizing  v.1.0

Saravel Refrigerant Pipe Sizing program designed by Saravel Corp. Design & Engineering Department , has following specifications: 1. Refrigerant Selection 2. Valves and Fittings Selection 3. Unit Conversion 4. Save entered data for future use 5.

Emech Valve Sizing  v.1 5

Valve sizing is a small, user friendly utility developed by Emech Control Ltd. Use the Emech valve sizing utility to make the most appropriate Emech Mixing Valve for your application.


InstruCalc Instrument Sizing Suite -  v.7 1

InstruCalc calculates the sizes of control valves, flow elements and relief devices; produces data sheets for calculated items, and prepares instrument summaries and uses data sheets as a database for generating reports.

Axidyne Sizing and Selection  v.4. 11. 2001

Tested and validated, right out of the box. One part number. One supplier. One order point. One quality-at-the-source contact. One LEAN way to go…with Axidyne by Tol-O-Matic linear actuators and motion control systems.Easy on the MRP/ERP eyes.

PVsyst  v.5 14

PVsyst is a software for modeling photo voltaic systems. It will be useful for engineers and architects. It can be used for a detailed study, sizing and hourly simulation. The program gives you results as a complete printable report.

ILevel Forte  v.

Whether you're sizing joist, beams, posts, or studs, iLevel Forte software performs load calculations and identifies solutions for the conditions and geometry you input. Size for a specific spacing, member depth, or just the best economical fit.

Flexperte  v.4 3

Flexperte - Sizing Software : Flexperte was developed specially for planners and designers for the selection and presentation of metal hoses, expansion joints, metal bellows and pipe supports.

FE-Sizer  v.3.45.2

FE-Sizer is a valuable engineering tool for flow meter sizing software to size and select head-type flow meters in closed conduits. It is flexible, easy-to-use, and complete with pull-down menus and pop-up pick lists.

AioFlo  v.1.01

AioFlo performs pipe sizing, flow rate and pressure drop calculations for liquids and gases. Wide range of fittings built in. Built in data tables for pipe size and roughness. Laminar and turbulent flow. Wide range of units. Use mass or volume flow.

Kettle Reboiler Design  v.2.0.0

This user friendly software is made to demonstrate the thermal design calculations and analysis of Kettle type reboilers.The software can be used to make preliminary sizing calculations that will help to give a clear outlook of the initial design.

Photo-Suit Professional

Photo-Suit is photo editing software that provides a simple way for creating professional digital imaging results. This free photo editing software trial is simple, yet , includes drawing tools, color and saturation adjustments, image and canvas sizing,

Electrc 2014 NEC Calculator  v.1.1

Electrc 2014 performs many electrical contracting and engineering calculations in complete conformance with the 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC). It produces detailed professional printouts as well as on-screen details. Many NEC parameters.

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